In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?

Diesel Fuel Prices 26.6 Cents Higher Than DOE 2014 Forecast

With what has been one of the most brutal winters for weather, diesel fuel prices have been pretty darn rough too. Diesel fuel is 11.2 cents cheaper than where it was at this time last year, but it is still 26.6 cents higher then what the Department of Energy (DOE) has projected for this year. Talking about getting off to a cold start.

The weather has ebbs and flows and so do fuel prices. Different things affect why the weather changes compared to fuel. Fuel prices usually change because of the weather, geopolitical events, supply surpluses or shortages, etc. What we do know about both is neither are stable in this country.

We all know, like the weather, predicting where fuel prices will go is difficult at best. With diesel fuel up 14.3 cents so far this year, is it time to prepare for a dramatic year with fuel? (read more) Maybe the price going to $4.20 nationally? Or maybe large upward and downward swings in the prices?

Winter will be over soon… we all hope so, but your fuel prices will continue to change during the year. Now is a good time to look over your fuel buying program.

The weather gets measured with highs, lows, amount of rain or snow fall for thousands of cities.

Let us take a look and measure how well your fuel program is performing as part of our Free Fuel Audit.

Until next month, when we have spring showers bringing April flowers, along with fuel programs bringing fuel savings, be safe and buy smart. 267-482-6155