Is a Hybrid Vehicle Right for Your Fleet Management?

We are all looking for ways to save money, especially with fueling prices on the rise. Hybrid vehicles are one way fleet management is turning towards to save money on fleet fueling costs. But how do you know if hybrid vehicles are right for your fleet companies operation?

Deciding whether or not to invest in hybrid trucks for your fleet management comes down to the type of routes your vehicles travel and the average speed of the vehicles. In order to achieve the maximize savings and emission reduction from a hybrid vehicle you have to make sure your vehicles driving habits fit the bill for your fleet management solutions.

The perfect match for a hybrid vehicle is if the vehicle will be engaged in a lot of short range, start and stop driving under low average speeds and have a high level of engine idle time. If the vehicle spends over 50% of its operating time at steady highway speeds, then a hybrid vehicle is NOT right for your fleet companies operations. The reason for this is the diesel fuel engine in a hybrid truck must power the vehicle at highway speeds, but the way you save the most diesel fuel is when the hybrid is being powered solely by the electric motor and batteries, this is when it is completely disengaged from the diesel fuel engine. A quick rule-of-thumb that can get you some immediate fueling savings is to take a look at the average speed across your routes and put the hybrids on the routes with the lowest average speeds.

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