Is Your Fuel Quality Ready for Winter?

Winter is coming- let’s hope for the best but plan for the worst!

Sokolis Group is committed to making sure you are receiving the highest quality fuel possible throughout the year. We always want to make sure you are paying a fair rate on your diesel prices but without quality fuel, your savings will get wiped out. That’s why we believe in the use of premium diesel fuel additives to further enhance the performance of your vehicles, especially in the coldest temperatures.

We contact our various fuel suppliers to verify what winter diesel fuel additives they are going to use in what we call “the cold states.” Most of the fleet fueling or mobile fueling vendors do a good job at treating their fuel but when you purchase fuel over-the-road at a retail station or a smaller truck stop, it is difficult to monitor who the actual fuel supplier was and if the fuel was properly treated.

Water is the enemy of fuel in the winter time. Therefore, we strongly recommend to all of our customers to perform the following preventive maintenance procedures:

  • Drain the bottom of your fuel tanks to remove water
  • Replace fuel filters before winter starts
  • Drain water from your water-fuel separator daily
  • Wrap unprotected fuel lines with non-flammable thermal barrier material

Through our years of experience in the industry, we believe in, and our clients have relied upon, Innospec’s diesel fuel additives. We recommend to all of our clients with operations north of Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah to start to treat their fleet with WinterFlow diesel fuel additves around November 1st to November 15th depending on how far north their fleet operates. This particular product provides a superior dual stage moisture control system. In other words, it does the following:

  • Includes water dispersant to help safely remove moisture on a gradual basis
  • Protects against conditions that promote microbial contamination
  • Reduces sludge formation that plugs fuel filters and causes deposits, smoke, and damage to fuel injectors
  • Lowers the Cold-Filter Plugging Point by as much as 30 degrees F
  • Lowers Pour Point by 40 degrees F
  • Disperses wax during extended engine shut-downs in cold conditions

There are other diesel fuel additive companies out there that we are happy to work with but we have always had the best success with Winterflow diesel fuel additives. It might make your diesel fuel prices slightly higher by a few tenths of a cent but you can rest assureed that your fleet fueling is going to be fine during the winter. We have arranged a deal with Innospec for them to provide our clients and vendors of our clients with any Innospec diesel fuel additives for winter, summer, or usage throughout the year at a discounted rate.

Please call our office or your Account Manager for additional support on your winter fuel management program. We will also place the order for you to ensure all parts of your fleet management for winter are properly handled. So no matter how you are fueling; retail, mobile, or bulk, Sokolis Group is here to help you by lowering your diesel fuel prices, sourcing quality diesel fuel and additives, and providing solutions to improve your fleet management program.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your diesel fuel or want to know if you’re receiving the best fuel prices possible, contact Conor Proud at Sokolis Group, or 267-482-6159.  We are the nation’s leading independent fuel management consulting team and can help you make sure that your fuel management program is running at peak efficiency.