“Keep Your Eye on the Prize” and a Hundred Other Metaphors

Yep, you’ve heard them all. “Don’t take your eye off the ball”, “Success isn’t given, it’s earned” or “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Every one of those were spoken by successful people.

Right now businesses are experiencing some much needed growth. Companies are reporting better than projected earnings. The stock markets are thriving at record levels. Transportation is running over capacity. Things are looking better than they have in years. If you’re one of these companies, congratulations. Your success is well deserved.

Even if you are experiencing success, make sure you stick to your game plan. Continue to focus on what’s gotten you here. Your business objectives, strategic plan, KPIs or any other means you use to chart your key initiatives.

I was speaking with a prospect and was happy to hear their business was doing fantastic. What he said next struck me as very short-sighted. He told me that he was getting rates that were way over his normal ones. He had all the freight he could handle and then some. He didn’t care what he was paying for fuel right now because business was so good and his revenue was way over budget. All he was going to do was concentrate on hiring drivers.

I couldn’t help but think that didn’t seem like a long-term plan for success and it’s probably not going to stay that way forever. The point is, continued focus on objectives that have helped you achieve success should not be set aside when you’re experiencing positive results. Incremental improvements in all aspects of your business are the keys to success and increased revenues.

Fuel is a big part of your expense that has the opportunity to be incrementally improved. When was the last time you analyzed your fuel purchase program? What does squeezing a few more cents per gallon do for your fuel budget?

Allow Sokolis Group to do a no cost, no obligation benchmark analysis and help you determine if there is opportunity to save money on you fueling program.