Knowing People in the Social Network, Good Fuel U?

In 1999 a new word was added to the dictionary according to that word was ‘blog’. Notably word ‘network’ has been around since the 1530’s. What happens when those two worlds come together? We get even newer words like Facebook, LinkedIn and while Twitter is not a new word, there is a new meaning. All these network applications are here for us to keep up with the ever changing pace of your respective business.

Blogging will not only increase your target audience, but it also allows you to express your personal and professional view on the particular topic. Sokolis Group tries to blog as often as possible to keep our friends and colleagues up to speed on any change in the fleet fuel industry. There is no faster changing business like that of fuel management. When was the last time your local gas station had the same price for two days in a row?

Social networking keeps you in contact with clients and potential clients. It finds new employees in places you may have never looked before. As a matter of fact, Sokolis Group was just asked by Michael Lucas of if he could reprint an article written by Glen. Now Sokolis Group has a new audience being introduced to wonderful fuel management & fuel consulting news and advice they may have never had before. They may have never known they could get a free fuel audit from a fuel management company; they may have gone on for months wasting excess money on their fleet fuel purchases or lack of fuel planning or fuel audit.

So take to the web and tweet, blog and accept friends and invitations, having a large social network can expand your colleagues and client base in one short blog.

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