Locked Down Fuel Networks

Years ago, companies were hesitant to direct drivers to fuel stop networks. They were fearful drivers would get upset and leave. Today we are facing the same issues we did back then. “Driver Shortage” But, a lot has changed since then. The need for a company to manage their fuel cost has become a necessity and drivers understand this more than they have in the past. Drivers have become accustomed to working at companies that lock down their fuel network. Many companies are using optimizers that give a fuel solution with each load dispatched.

Setting up a fuel network can be done in a few steps that lessens the impact it has on drivers and will ultimately result in better compliance to your network.

  1. Consolidate your gallons to a truck stop chain that is willing to give additional discounts for more gallons you do with them. Implement the new network with your drivers. Send memos telling the drivers to use this truck stop chain whenever possible.
  2. Measure the compliance and add additional communication where needed.
  3. Determine if there is a need for one-off locations where they may be a gap in coverage.
  4. Use your fuel card to lock out locations that are not on the network. (you have the ability to keep the card open for these stops but limit the gallons they can purchase. i.e. 50 gal maximum)
  5. Continue to counsel drivers not adhering to the network.
  6. Implement network compliance into your safety bonus program.
  7. Within 6 months, you can lock your cards down to the network.

Figuring out a fuel network isn’t easy. There’s many things to consider. You need data to make the decision. You need reporting to measure compliance. Most importantly you need to monitor the network regularly to ensure its still providing the most cost effective fueling for your fleet.

Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if you could open your inbox and get weekly updates on compliance? Savings, and updates when needed?

It really is that simple. Let us do all the work. That’s what Sokolis Group does on a regular basis for many companies across the US. Give us 20 minutes on the phone along with some fuel data and we can start the process of determining the most cost effective fuel program for your fleet.