Love’s Travel Stops First Truck Stop

Love’s Travel Stops is the first truck stop in electronic payment system. Love’s Truck Stop is completing the addition of an RFID-enabled payment system at its truck stop locations, saying it’s the first travel stop company to give customers the ability to process payment at the diesel fuel island through radio frequency technology.

It is like a crazy Star Wars for truck stops using this system. It will surely help fleet managers, when reviewing diesel fuel transaction. The main reason being is that the fleet management that they deal with, will be more accurate and eliminate diesel fuel theft.

The radio frequency system operates through a secure, low-cost RFID tag placed on a truck’s windshield. The tag is detected by an antenna installed in diesel fuel lanes at Love’s truck stop locations. The electronic signal turns the fuel pump on and off and completes a payment transaction with little driver interaction.

RFID technology is easy for drivers to use, is a major fleet fuel theft deterrent, and provides more accurate payment tracking information, Love’s says.

“A gallon of diesel fuel costs roughly $4. If RFID technology can eliminate just 1% of fuel theft or other unauthorized fuel purchases, the trucking company has saved four cents per gallon,” explains Jon Archard, director of fuel marketing for Love’s.

Think about the economic of fuel savings of 4 cents a gallon because you eliminate diesel fuel theft, which I would consider to be a solid number. If your company buys 300,000 gallons of diesel fuel per month a 4 cent per gallon of fuel saving would improve your fuel management cost by $12,000 a MONTH or $144,000 a YEAR!! That is real fuel savings for any fleet managers out there.

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