Lower Diesel Fuel Price, Fleets Trying Hybrid Power to Become “Greener”

Coming to the end of 2010 we have all heard plenty about hybrids especially with the diesel fuel prices of fuel hitting an all time high in 2008. Many of us drive hybrid powered cars (Sokolis Group owns one), know someone who does, or see them on the road daily. I’m all for driving a hybrid. In most cases they make sense because their fleet fueling efficient and they are more environmentally friendly. The only problem I have with any hybrid is the Smart Car which doesn’t look to me like a safe vehicle. Any type of accident and I don’t like my chances inside that thing, I don’t care how much money it could save on my diesel fuel prices; but that’s another story!

Today with diesel fuel prices on the rise again, we are beginning to see the growth of hybrid vehicles in fleet companies. Fleet managers are investing in these Diesel-Electric vehicles to help save money on their fleet fueling purchases and some would argue on repairs as well for their fleet management. If you’re only using the engine half the time because of the electricity then common sense would say that truck’s life would be twice as long. It seems like a nice fuel management solution for easy fuel savings and improved fleet management.

A company that we deal with, Diesel Direct has what they’re calling “The Nation’s 1st Hybrid Diesel Electric Fuel Delivery Truck”. Diesel Direct is a mobile fueling company that delivers fleet fueling across the country. According to the President Dan Abrams they’re saving more than 30% on diesel fuel prices purchases with their new vehicle, and drivers and the fleet managers will tell you it’s not lacking power which was a concern. They make multiple stops a night mobile fueling different fleets companies. Having little to no idle time not only saves them money, but makes their job a little quieter too while mobile fueling trucks late at night.

When you compare using a diesel-electric truck against a diesel truck it may possibly be an advantage to go with the hybrid. Although they do cost more money up front overtime they may end up with fuel saving your fleet management. It’s also a nice bonus to know that you’re doing your part in helping save the environment and our country from being so dependent on foreign oil.

Go Green. Go mobile fueling. Go fuel management savings.