Maintenance and Fuel, Whats the connection?

“Get your oil changed every 3000 miles” I can hear that clear as day from my late teens, it was my dad, drilling the most basic car maintenance and fuel management routine that a non fuel consulting expert can do. Right? Little did I know there was a lot more I could’ve done and still be doing to expand my fuel mileage out of my midsize SUV, and with prices these days it’ll feel like I have a fuel consulting expert in the passenger seat.

Aside from the basic oil change, the way someone drives can affect the mileage they get out of the car, for example staying below 60mph and not being aggressive will increase your mileage and fuel savings. When you do get that oil change be sure to have the tire pressure checked and the filter changed if necessary, not only does that extend your fuel use but it’s a safety issue to keep up with. Fuel prices are not necessarily our friend so it’s a good thing to try to get a little fuel planning on the brain while you can. Another simple way to help increase your fuel mileage is to reduce the weight of your vehicle. Take off that roof rack if you are not using it, get books (hello college students) and any clutter that will weigh your car down and force it to push harder using your gas. I recently and unknowingly drove around this past week with our metal Christmas tree stand in my trunk, here I though my husband had taken it out of my car immediately, tough luck for me, at least it wasn’t a months worth of hauling that extra baggage.

If those simple ways can increase your home fuel management system, imagine what Sokolis Group can do to improve your fleet fueling needs. From fleet fueling cards, to free audits and transaction analysis Sokolis Group will do what it takes to make sure clients get all the fuel discounts and fuel management guidance to create a customized fuel planning system just right for everyone.

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