Markets Served

Whether it’s diesel or gasoline, fuel prices affect almost all businesses in one way or another. As an expert on fleet fuel management services and fuel monitoring, Sokolis Group can offer a number of solutions to best fit the fueling needs of your industry.

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Commercial Trucking Fleet Services

Commercial trucking fleets are depended upon to deliver someone else’s product. As a critical part of the supply chain, commercial fleets must be a finely tuned logistical machine. Where the fuel expenses are significant, so is the potential for savings.

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Food and Beverage Fleet Services

Food and beverage fleets typically work as a hub and spoke operation, meaning that they start the day and end the day at the same base location. Despite that, food and beverage fleets can still struggle with high diesel fuel prices and vendor management challenges. Evaluate programs from OTR fueling, mobile fueling, card lock, bulk tanks and more. Sokolis Group can help determine which mode of fleet fueling services produces the greatest amount of savings.

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Private Fleet Services

When transporting your own goods, your brand is directly impacted by on-time delivery and your bottom line is directly affected by distribution costs. Since most private fleets cannot pass on a diesel fuel surcharge when prices go up, they need to be in control of where they make their purchases and what offers their operation the best results.

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Service Business Fleets

Service business fleets have their own set of distinct challenges. Because of the unpredictability of routes and businesses, it can be difficult to implement a successful fuel management program. Sokolis Group can help fleet managers control prices and out of route miles.

In addition to these markets, Sokolis Group also works with:

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Since there are so many different levels of government, each has its own set of requirements. Our experts keep on top of constantly changing rules and regulations to deliver maximum cost reductions.

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If ever an industry that fuel service providers can take advantage of, this is the one. Sokolis Group will go to bat for you to negotiate fuel rates and lock you into savings.

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We service public companies in water services and telecommunications.

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Waste Management

Our staff has worked in reducing expenses from drivers’ wages, idle time, bio fuels, and incentives, controls and consolidated billing.

Serving the United States and Canada