Office Equipment Company Saves $100,000

A national office equipment company was primarily buying fuel through its truck leasing vendor along with some retail purchases on a fuel card. Their fleet is mainly straight trucks operating out of dozens of distribution centers around the country. And, because they deliver bulky office equipment, two employees are generally needed on each truck to handle deliveries.

Sokolis Group recognized the significant labor savings this client could achieve by setting up on-site mobile fueling at almost a third of the client’s locations. This has allowed their employees to be more productive since they do not have to stop to fill up their trucks during their day.

In addition to managing mobile fueling suppliers, Sokolis Group assisted with negotiating lower fueling prices with the client’s truck leasing vendor and also introduced a discounted retail network for times when it is still necessary to fuel over the road.

As a result of the comprehensive fuel program that Sokolis Group implemented, this client now receives fueling information from multiple suppliers in a consolidated reporting package that is easy to understand. More importantly, the client is now saving over $100,000 per year in fuel and labor expenses.