Pilot Flying J Truck Stops Investigated By FBI & IRS

Pilot Flying J truck stops are under investigation by the FBI and IRS. The reason for the investigation has yet to be clear by those 2 authorities. Pilot Flying J truck stops, CEO, Jimmy Haslam said in a press conference, “that the rebates that were owed to customers were not paid. We, of course, disagree with that.”

Pilot Flying J sells millions of gallons of diesel fuel monthly and their systems from what we have observed as a company has always been good. We are not going to be jumping on a band wagon to say Pilot Flying J was wrong in their diesel fuel rebates in any way. We would like to hear more facts and get more understanding of the situation.

We deal with many truck stops, mobile fueling, fleet fueling and fuel card companies. From our personal experience, we can tell you that hundreds of times throughout the year we find mistakes with diesel fuel prices, fuel card transactions, and fleet fueling margins (markups). I would say in almost 100% of the cases it’s an honest mistake.

All of these companies are handling hundreds of thousands of fleet fuel transactions. Usually somewhere in the process a human has to manually key punch something. If that person makes a mistake all diesel fuel prices could be wrong, rebates could be wrong and the fuel savings that you thought you were getting you’re really not getting.

That is why for all of our clients, we do a complete fuel audits of each fueling transaction that happens. Our systems and staff are able to catch wrong diesel fuel margins, duplicate fueling transactions, make sure rebates are paid correctly, and ensure that all of the work that was done for strategic sourcing your fuel savings is being achieved.

Again, I want to say let’s not point any fingers at Pilot Flying J until we know all of the facts and details. I also want to say, does your fleet manager or fleet management system really look for any of the potential lost money on fleet fuel as described above?

Do your company a big favor. With the complexity of diesel fuel prices moving every day, taxes different in each state or county, thousands of transactions to review and audit, don’t you think it is possible that without the right fuel management company or right fuel department a small 4 cents per gallon mistake could be made on your diesel fuel prices?

I know it can because we see it happen to dozens of our accounts 2 months ago; we caught the honest mistake by the merchant that made it. A few clients had bought 250,000 gallons at 4 cents. That was a $10,000 a month mistake that would have cost our client that much money, not only for the month but forever because we were the ones to identify the issue. That is $120,000 a year in 1 diesel fuel mistake.

Let us help you. Call 267-482-6159 and ask for Conor Proud or email him at cproud@sokolisgroup.com. He will make sure your fleet management, diesel fuel cards, fleet fueling pricing and all of the other things that happen with fuel management are taken care of.