Poor Neglected Biodiesel

Toward the end of 2009 the Senate had its last few sessions and decided to focus its energy on Health Care Reform and neglected to address the extension of the Biodiesel tax credit, which expired on January 1st. Failure to extend the credit would not only effect the production of the clean burning fuel but would also lose near 23,000 ‘green’ jobs. Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel. Produced domestically and from renewable sources, biodiesel can be blended with petroleum to create a blended fuel (biodiesel.org). The Biodiesel Tax Credit had previously offered a $1 tax credit per gallon sold. With the IEA predicating that 2010 will be the year to date with the most oil demand all the cleaner fuels out there need that helping hand to get on their feet and grow as an industry. The tax credit would keep creating the incentive for fleets all over to consider blending with biodiesel if not going greener. Fuel management consultants keep a watchful eye on the affairs of oil and biodiesel. Without modifications biodiesel can be blended up to 20% and still keeps that old diesel engine running. Even through cold winters, biodiesel can be blended with diesel that already has its mixture of cold weather additives. While the Senate still debates an almost obvious issue, let Sokolis Group help your fuel management program whether it has biodiesel in its future or not.

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