Preventing Fuel Theft

With unsteady fuel prices it’s no wonder that fuel theft is rising and not all of it is from an outside thief. Many of the fuel thefts are in house thru managers, drivers and other company employees. Some of these ways are as simple as taking a few gallons at a time and selling them to a third party, others include drivers making extra stops to have some fuel siphoned and just fill up again on the companys dime a few miles down the road. More sophisticated methods include number crunching inside the office.

Not preventing fuel theft could lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in loss. One recent case an employee was able to steal around $22,000 because there simply were no locks on the pumps or gates! When theft is that easy it just screams “steal me”. Would you leave your car unlocked, then why leave pumps unlocked.

Assuming you spent much of your time thinking about fuel management and fuel planning, why would some of these preventative measures not be taken.

*Anti Siphon Devices work by closing tightly when negative draining occurs

*Fuel Management, Sokolis Group will track transactions and will monitor and question any uncertain dealings

*Locks, simple locks gates that protect your fleet and on site fueling tanks, thieves will be more likely to move on to an easier target.

*Locking gas caps are also a great theft deterrent

*Using fleet fuel cards to track a drivers location and fueling transactions.

So while you consider which ways would be best to prevent fuel theft at your company, Let Sokolis Group take the other fuel management and fuel planning off your plate, that’s two birds with one stone.

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