Save Money On Fleet Fueling Purchases

A fuel card or a fleet fuel card is used to make payment for diesel fuel , petrol, fuel and gasoline on gas stations with easy payment mode. Just like fleet credit cards, fuel cards help in making payment of diesel fuel and petrol without using cash. The main advantage of using a fuel card or fleet card is that all the transactions or spending done on private and business mileage can be easily obtained in detailed, easy to access statements through itemized billing to prevent any fraud.

Such fleet fuel cards also prove useful in the security portion as every card is registered in the name of the vehicle or its driver with their name printed on it. With fuel cards fleet cards the possibility of any fraud or theft is also minimized as the whole record of the route travelled either for official or private purposes can be obtained easily and thus the driver remains careful before misusing the vehicle. Also with fuel cards, fleet managers will not have to give any cash to the drivers as this fleet card also facilitates vehicle maintenance and expenses as part of the fleet management program at the discretion of the fleet owner or fleet manager and thus no extra expenses gets wasted in the process.

This is the reason that fuel cards – fleet cards prove absolutely useful as such firms have to manage their limited capital carefully and make complete utilization of every resource. These fuel cards help them to keep a record of the diesel fuel used in all vehicles and maintain and save their expenses and other taxes in the process. To learn more about fuel cards for your fleet companies operation, contact Sokolis Group at 267-482-6155 or