Save Money Put A Diesel Fuel Tank In?

Most people and companies believe that their diesel fuel prices are going to be lower if they have a bulk tank. This might be true for straight fuel savings. It is certainly easier for a fleet manager to have his drivers put their fleet card in a fuel card reader at their home depot after they have paid lower diesel fuel prices.

Well as a fleet management solution it could be they way until something like this happens.

NJ Transit bus terminal two bulk diesel fuel storage tanks gaskets went bad resulting in a 26,000 gallon spill of the fleet fuel. The result 26,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilling into a storm drain. All kinds of birds dying, potential water source containment and wildlife that might not be the same for a very long time.

The fuel savings for on the diesel fuel prices, well 26,000 gallons lost at $4.00 a gallon over $100,000. A spill cleanup that will amount into several millions of dollars. People pointing fingers at each other. Mmmm would the NJ Transit bus been better buying diesel fuel with a fleet fuel card at a truck stop or local gas stations. I am sure the button line on their fleet management would look better today if they did that.