Textbook Recipe

In case you don’t fuel up with diesel fuel, let me tell you the surge in the less-refined fuel’s prices have nearly mirrored gasoline’s recent rise. In just the last month, prices have jumped by more than 14%, to average $2.61 per gallon.

Even scarier, prices have risen while diesel fuel demand has dropped. The country is calling for 17% less diesel fuel, yet the markets continue to add to the price.

Soaring prices would not be so bad if demand was rising and companies could make up the hit to their margins, but demand is far from what it was just a year ago. In fact, according to the American Trucking Association, trucking demand has dropped by about 13% from this time last year.

Rising costs and less revenues is a textbook recipe for disaster. So team up with Sokolis Group and lets work together for a great 2010!!
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