The Pump – May 2014

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re constantly running? Putting out one fire after the other? You come in to work with a list of things to do, and you’re happy if you get to cross off one of them by the end of the day. I’ve visited offices and seen white boards listing top initiatives to be implemented, then visited again a year or two later and saw the same items still on the board.

This isn’t a commercial. It’s just a reminder that we all have a lot of things on our plates. Budgets get tighter, and job descriptions get expanded. You used to just manage your drivers and trucks. Now you hire the drivers, train them, comply with hours of service and CSA rules, oversee maintenance, and manage the fuel program. No problem? Or are you overlooking something?

Studies show that 4% of invoices have billing errors. 81% of driver theft is internal. Are you dotting those i’s and crossing those t’s? With so much going on as noted above, it’s hard to put the necessary time into watching your fuel costs. It’s not just about negotiating the best price for fuel, it’s also about making sure you’re actually getting that price every time you buy fuel. The more you buy over the road, the harder it becomes to track so many transactions. All the different OPIS locations, the always changing taxes and freight, and winter additives… it’s a full time job to just buy fuel effectively.

Make sure you’re using the best practices with your fuel purchases. If you’re not sure how, or you just don’t have the time, then contact one of us at Sokolis Group. We offer a free analysis based on a couple months of your fueling data. Let us take a quick look at your fuel transactions and see if there are savings opportunities. At the very least, we can give you some reassurance on how you’re buying compared to what we see on a daily basis. Remember, negotiating the best deal is an important start, but ensuring you’re getting that deal every day is even more important.