Trucking Company Unloads Tank Monitoring to Save Time and Money

A regional common carrier with a couple dozen locations and several hundred trucks was primarily buying bulk fuel from 15 different providers. Monitoring bulk fuel tank levels at all locations was an ongoing chore that consumed operational staff time. Avoiding run-outs was critical to keep trucks moving and it was a challenge to order fuel, schedule deliveries, and receive the best pricing at the optimal time.

Sokolis Group consolidated their fuel program to just five vendors and set up a new process so that each vendor provides fuel tank monitoring, with Sokolis Group serving as a back-up monitor.

Through a competitive bidding process that leverages overall volume, Sokolis Group was able to save this client approximately $100,000 on its fuel costs. In addition, now that fuel suppliers are handling the tank level monitoring, run-outs have been virtually eliminated and the client’s operational staff have more time to focus on other important tasks.