Using the Same Fuel Card for Multiple Vehicles

During an odometer audit Sokolis Group will point out transactions that have the wrong odometer reading. There are many reasons an odometer could be wrong. Sometimes it’s as simple as a typo. But what if the odometer reading is completely wrong. We have found that this is possibly a result of a driver or drivers using the same card for multiple units. It is important to keep drivers from randomly using any fuel card that is not assigned to the vehicle they are driving.

Using the same card for multiple vehicles can causes issues with your fuel tracking, IFTA reporting and Odometer reporting. Each vehicle should have a card to use. Also, think of having a spare card set aside to use when a truck goes down and you need to use a rental unit. You want your reports and data to be clean so you analyze your business clearly. Be sure to review the odometer reports from Sokolis Group as we have now color coded the reports for easier review.

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