What is the cost to fuel your fleet?

What is the cost to fuel your fleet? PPG times gallons? Many fleet owners only consider fuel cost in this equation.

If your drivers are fueling at retail, additional factors should be considered.

How much TIME did it take to fuel at a retail station? What is the wage factor for this unproductive time, is it a 2 manned vehicle, travel time and out of route miles to name a few.

Traveling to a retail station and the time that is taken to fuel therefore can be quite considerable. Have you ever timed how long the whole process takes to fleet fuel.

An alternative fuel savings method to fueling your fleet would be to sign on a mobile fleet fueling supplier. Consider the convenience of having your vehicles fueled up each day ready to make deliveries. Other benefits include no out of route miles searching for a retail station to accommodate large vehicles, reduced liability by not having such large vehicles navigate small retail sites, drivers time is more productive. One last important fact to consider, unlike retail fuel, mobile fuel costs are negotiated; consistent and stable.

Sokolis Group can help you improve the fueling process for your company, recommend and negotiate with a mobile fuel supplier, and reduce fuel costs.

Call today; speak with one of our fuel experts on ways to improve and save on your fleet fuel costs.

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